SPBP’17: Workshop on Security and Privacy-enhanced Business Process Management


The goal of SPBP’17 is to obtain a deeper understanding of a rapidly maturing, yet still largely under-investigated field of

  • business process security
  • business process privacy
  • business process integrity

Besides the technical intent to substantially advance the current state of the art, SPBP’17 aims to locate active research areas. Other goals include to: get a snapshot of the current approaches and existing tool-support; encourage approaches and techniques that combine formal foundations with industrial applicability; and identify new research directions and challenges.

Topics of Interest (but not limited)

AccountabilityFraud detection
AuthorizationInformation flow control
AvailabilityInformation integrity
Blockchain technologyMeta-models for analysis
Choreography and OrchestrationModelling
Compliance checkingOperational decision support
Conformance checkingPrivacy-aware process discovery
Continuous auditPrivacy-enhanced processes
Cost-benefit analysisProcess checking
Distributed ledgerRisk measurement
Economics of auditSecurity modelling
Experience reportsSecurity risk management
AccountabilitySecurity testing
Formal reasoningUsage control
 Workflow forensics